Men's Cosmetic Procedures

From sun damage to skin blemishes to unwanted wrinkles, these are the issues influencing men to have cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery to keep themselves looking younger and healthier. Though you mostly see marketing directed at women, the demand in the Nashville area for cosmetic surgery for men continues to grow.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men in Nashville & Franklin

Offering a wide array of cosmetic surgery options in our office, Franklin Dermatology Group
stands ready to help any men in our area achieve their appearance goals. Our experienced
surgeons and nurses offer male cosmetic surgery procedures, providing men the same options
as women to improve their appearance.

Although the procedures for men aim to achieve similar results that they do for women,
differences in men’s skin make the treatments slightly different. Our healthcare professionals
are ready to provide any of our services in a way tailored to each individual patient. The
variations in male cosmetic needs start with many natural differences in their skin, including

  • Skin thickness differs primarily because of testosterone. Over the course of a
    man’s lifetime, his skin gradually thickens to the point it’s about 25% thicker than
    a woman’s.
  • With facial hair being a fact of life for everyone, the thickness and coarseness of
    a man’s facial hair make him susceptible to ingrown hairs and pimples. These can
    cause damage to the skin that may require treatment later in life.
  • The skin contains collagen, which gives it elasticity. Both men and women lose it
    over the course of a lifetime. Though this loss doesn’t show up in men as early as
    it does in women, eventually, men may need to plump it up in spots.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men from Franklin Dermatology Group

The full list of cosmetic services offered by Franklin Dermatology Group is available for both
men and women. Some male cosmetic procedures include:

  • BOTOX for Men: Injectable fillers can make you look younger by minimizing the
    appearance of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles of your face. The increase in men
    getting BOTOX can be traced to three things: Competing with younger people in
    the workplace, social media posts, and encouragement from a significant other.
  • Juvéderm™ Facial Fillers for Men: Facial fillers like Juvéderm™ combat
    gravitational aging. Modern facial fillers are hyaluronic acid, which is a material
    naturally produced by your body. Its injection can decrease the appearance of
    wrinkles and enhance jawlines and chins.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: At Franklin
    Dermatology Group, we use PRP as a non-surgical alternative for treating male
    pattern hair loss. The treatment involves injections of your own blood platelets
    into the vascular layer of the scalp.
  • BBL Photorejuvenation & SkinTyte: The SkinTyte procedure can be a non-invasive
    alternative to a facelift for men. In the last couple of years, inquiries have
    increased about getting a facelift, with men representing many of those. Seeing
    themselves in high-definition on Zoom and other remote conference call
    platforms causes people to notice flaws they might otherwise overlook. Choosing
    BBL Photorejuvenation over an invasion facelift is a much easier option for
    immediate, temporary results.

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